Your animals deserve the best, and Zoo and Pet mats from Humane are an industry standard. Our mats are made utilizing the "Humane Advantage" process which insures a strong, durable mat that is easy to maintain and will provide a safe enviroment for your animals.

We offer a wide variety of sizes to fit almost any space and have multiple thicknesses available for all types of workloads. From dog kennels to birthing stalls, we have the products and proven technology to help keep your animals comfortable and safe.

Dog & Kennel Mats

If you desire safe, sanitary, comfortable conditions for your "best friend," you can't afford to be without the benefits of Humane dog mats. Humane Kennel mats provide increased comfort and protection for your dogs and insulate against the damp and cold. As always, our mats are non-absorbent and easy to clean.


Your animals are our #1 priority and we want to help offer the right solution for your facility. We offer a full range of products that can cover everything from a birthing or wash stall to a walkway or holding pen. With our Heavy Duty BigLok you can rest assured that your Rhinos, Elephants, and any other species are in good hands.

Custom Solutions

Do you have a facility that needs special attention, let us know and we can help.




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Why Humane mats are better.

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Humane uses Clean Green Rubber Stall Mats. The purpose of Clean Green is that it addresses complications from exposure as well as damage to the environment from companies that use or manufacture products that contribute to allergic sensitivities, reduced immunity, and contribution to cancer and other diseases.