With more than 40 years of industrial custom design experience, assembly line areas and factory areas present no problem for Humane's expert team.  Humane offers a variety of industrial, heavy-duty, and heavy-usage options for industrial applications. We work with your engineers to provide exactly the type of safe working space you expect for your employees. Click the links below to find out more, or contact us for more information.

Anti-Fatigue Floors

Humane's versatile anti-fatigue mats provide cushioned comfort and support ensuring an energized and more productive workforce!

Workspace Mats

Humane is a trusted name in workspace environments. Perfect for entryways or other areas that need extra traction, Humane's quality workspace mats get the job done.

Roof-Gard™ Roofing Pad Solutions

Compatible with single-ply or built-up roofing, Roof-Gard Pads can be used on all types of new or existing roofs to provide a safe, stable and maintenance-free walkway for access to air conditioning, water supply or electrical equipment.

Roof-Gard, Roofing Pad Solutions by Humane Manufacturing

OEM Solutions

With our water jet capabilities and CAD operations, we can manufacture custom rubber flooring, or other products manufactured to your specifications for proprietary use.

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Why Humane mats are better.

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Humane uses Clean Green Rubber Stall Mats. The purpose of Clean Green is that it addresses complications from exposure as well as damage to the environment from companies that use or manufacture products that contribute to allergic sensitivities, reduced immunity, and contribution to cancer and other diseases.