Offering a comfortable, clean and durable floor can make all the difference in your fitness center. Our flooring is designed to meet the needs of commercial level gyms, machines, bikes, treadmills, and other equipment. Fitness equipment is heavy. There's just no getting around it, but Humane Manufacturing can help you out under it. With Loktuff™ and Guardian SuperSport mats, Humane can protect your floor from heavy workout equipment and freeweight drops, while also protecting treadmills, bikes, and steppers from vibration and carpet fibers.


Sheild your entire fitness room with Humane's easy to maintain, easy to configure, and easy to install Loktuff brand rubber flooring. Loktuff mats are non-porous, non-absorbent, and interlocking, and with its non-skid surface these mats provide safety for both yourself and your floors.

Loktuff mats are available in different sizes to suit your needs and can be custom tailored exactly to your rooms. For those seeking a little color in their lives, Humane offers ColorFusion™. These colorful mats permanently fuse color encapsulated rubber with high energy absorbent base material to produce mats with dense saturated color and long-lasting UV stability and durability.

Guardian SuperSport Mats

Excellent for use under heavy workout equipment, such as treadmills, stationery bikes, and steppers. Guardian SuperSport Mats shield the floor from damage while protecting the machines from vibration and carpet fibers. Humane's re-vulcanizing process (not glued or pressed together) allows the mats to withstand a great deal of punishment. During the manufacturing process, all fitness mats have a mitigate agent added to reduce the rubber smell. SuperSport Mats also provide extra protection from heavy free weights and can be placed on hard floors, over commercial carpeting, or in combination with our Loktuff Standard Interlocking Flooring System.

Humane Highlights

Shaquille O'Neal Signature 24 Hour Fitness Club

Shaquille O'Neal Signature 24 Hour Fitness Clubs

After spending the 2003 off-season with a personal trainer from 24 Hour Fitness, Shaq signed on to create a chain of uniquely branded clubs and become an ambassador for 24 Hour Fitness.

Strong, durable, flooring had to be used to stand-up to Shaq-sized amenities, and Humane was happy to oblige this basketball legend.



Recent News & Info From Humane

Humane Manufacturing is Growing!
Posted by Humane in Rubber Flooring Solutions on 9/17/2020
Categories: Fitness  
Humane Manufacturing is proud to announce the addition of OSST branded products to its growing line of superior athletic surface solutions. These products include Pro-Traxx, a world class track surface system that is certifed by the World Athletic Association and has a reference list of installations worldwide including Universities, Stadiums, Colleges, High Schools, and Recreation Centers.

The most hygienic flooring in the fitness industry
Posted by Humane in Rubber Flooring Solutions on 4/27/2020
Categories: Fitness  
The health and safety of our customers is paramount. You can rest assured that not only during this pandemic--but at all times--we are taking necessary steps to deliver high quality flooring safely and efficiently to our valued customers. Likewise, our partners are absolutely doing the same and we wanted to share with you PAVIGYM's COVID-19 update: the most hygienic flooring in the fitness industry. Read the full announcement in the link below.

Posted by Humane in Rubber Flooring Solutions on 1/2/2019
Categories: Fitness  
Come visit Humane at the IHRSA 2019 Fitness Event - March 13-16th in San Diego, CA.