With a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and top surface designs, you can find a matting solution for any area where traction, cusion, and protection is needed for your arenas and barns. Humane Manufacturing's Equine mats come with a 12 year limited warranty and  will not roll, buckle or curl. Antifungal and antibacterial surfaces ensure a healthy environment for your horses, and flat bottom finish minimizes clean-up time.

More Reasons To Choose Humane

  • Easy installation
  • Place in new or existing facilities
  • Provides additional horse comfort
  • Reduces bedding costs
  • Reduces horse injuries
  • Textured surface provides traction
  • Absolutely non-absorbent
  • Insulates against cold and damp

Common Installations

Humane's Recycled Rubber Equine Mats are great for horses, and even better for your pocket and peace-of-mind. Here are several of the most common Equine mat installations below.

  • Aisleways
  • Washbays
  • Trailers
  • Sidewall Liners
  • Round Pen and Corral

Foaling Stalls, Breeding Sheds & Semen Collection Areas

Try our 3/4" Interlocking Anti-Fatigue Mats for extra comfort and added traction. The waffle underside of these mats give superior hoof traction for your Stallions during breeding and semen collection, and a softer surface for Mares during foaling. They also provide better traction for the Foal during the first critical hours of standing.

Walker Floors

Humane's exclusive BigLok design offers 3/4" thick mats with larger "teeth" (2 1/4"), and is three times stronger than our regular interlock design. Excellent for use in high-traffic arenas, BigLok has all the same benefits as our regular interlock mats. Ask about custom sizing and contact us today to get started.



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Humane uses Clean Green Rubber Stall Mats. The purpose of Clean Green is that it addresses complications from exposure as well as damage to the environment from companies that use or manufacture products that contribute to allergic sensitivities, reduced immunity, and contribution to cancer and other diseases.