For many years customers worldwide have relied on the Supreme Comfort Pad by Humane. Humane's Supreme Comfort Pads have the proven technology to provide a safe, durable, relaxing environment for your herd at a great value and all models have been upgraded for the 2017 spring season with a 50% higher grade foam bolster(highest in the industry) and an improved full 5 year warranty. They can be used in free stalls, tie stalls, and stanchion facilities. Supreme Comfort Pads encourage the down time necessary for cows to reach their maximum genetic potential. We take pride in providing a line of products which reduces overall costs while increasing production with no gimmicks.

Standard sizes are 47.5" x 70" or 47.5" x 64" and 1 3/4" thick. We offer custom design services to ensure the Supreme Comfort Pad fits your stalls for free.  These sizes have been changed in order to meet a higher level of quality control in demanding barn environments.

Installation of Supreme Comfort Pads is easy. We can provide both stall measurements and installation instructions, as well as the anchors needed to install the mats (only 2 are required to hold pad in place). Supreme Comfort Pads are brisket board compatible, totally non-absorbent, and have a non-skid surface. Materials used in making the pad also include anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Please be aware of new cleaning, maintenance and care instructions linked below as some cleaners and teat dips are not approved for use with Humane Supreme Comfort Pads and will void warranty coverage.


 Supreme Comfort Pad™ Brochure (PDF)
 Supreme Comfort Pad™ Installation (PDF)



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Humane uses Clean Green Rubber Stall Mats. The purpose of Clean Green is that it addresses complications from exposure as well as damage to the environment from companies that use or manufacture products that contribute to allergic sensitivities, reduced immunity, and contribution to cancer and other diseases.