Professional Sports

The National Hockey League, NA

Just like an NHL hockey team, NHL arenas need dependable, long lasting quality products. Look around any NHL arena and you'll likely find our products. In fact, 25 of the 30 NHL arenas are using Humane rubber mats to protect players and fans.

Humane rubber mats provide antibacterial and antifungal surfaces to keep visitors healthy in chilled arenas and are softer and more durable than similar products. You need not worry about spilled milk, or perhaps beer in this case. Our mats are easily maintained and are absolutely non-absorbent making cleanups a breeze.

Sports & Fitness

Shaquille O'Neal Signature 24 Hour Fitness Clubs

Shaquille O'Neal Signature 24 Hour Fitness Club

After spending the 2003 off-season with a personal trainer from 24 Hour Fitness, Shaq signed on to create a chain of uniquely branded clubs and become an ambassador for 24 Hour Fitness.

Strong, durable, flooring had to be used to stand-up to Shaq-sized amenities, and Humane was happy to oblige this basketball legend.

Rockefeller Center® Ice Skating Rink, New York City, NY

History says that the ice skating rink was originally an accident, but it was no accident when the Rockefeller® ice skating rink decided on Humane rubber mats for flooring.

Perfect for ice rinks and arenas, our mats are skid resistant and extremely durable. They will never curl, buckle or roll. 


Fitness Mats

I have sold Humane rubber floor mats for over 17 years to health clubs, prisons and all types of home gyms. What a great product for the money and never a problem.

Thanks Humane,

Rex Reinhart, President of Jesup Gym Equipment, Jesup, Iowa

Fitness Mats

To everyone at Humane manufacturing, I am writing this testimonial to let everyone know how great your rubber flooring is and all the compliments we have received from our customers. One of our customers on Long Island installed over 3,000 sq ft of mats in two high school basements. There is no ventilation in both rooms other than the doorways. The athletic director was so impressed with both the job we did, and the flooring, he could not believe their was no smell or odor from the rubber tiles. We have installed over 100 Humane rubber floors over the past 15 years and have never had any complaints about the flooring, odor or smells coming from the rubber flooring. I have been in the fitness business for over 34 years and Humane Manufacturing is the best company we have ever had the pleasure in dealing with.

Sincerely, Ken Klein, President Quality Fitness Services.

Schools & Universities

University of Michigan, Strength & Conditioning

The Wolverines have had a long history of success, so it only makes sense that they take their strength & conditioning very seriously. While upgrading their fitness facilities, the Wolverines decided to call upon Humane Manufacturing for their floors, because nobody takes fitness flooring more serious than we do.

Cornell University

You expect Cornell University, an Ivy League school, to make smart decisions all the time. After comparing the fitness flooring competition, Cornell chose Humane. The reason? We offer a stronger, softer, and virtually maintenance free mat at a very competitive price.

University of Notre Dame

The fighting Irish have a legacy of producing sports & fitness athletes out of their programs, whereas Humane Manufacturing has a legacy of producing high-quality products since 1907 with mat production beginning in 1972. The match was perfect, and both continue "manufacturing" high quality products.

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The health and safety of our customers is paramount. You can rest assured that not only during this pandemic--but at all times--we are taking necessary steps to deliver high quality flooring safely and efficiently to our valued customers. Likewise, our partners are absolutely doing the same and we wanted to share with you PAVIGYM's COVID-19 update: the most hygienic flooring in the fitness industry. Read the full announcement in the link below.

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