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Horse Stall Mats

I picked the mats up yesterday. It's an all day drive for me from Creede in the remote San Juan Mountains to your dealer in Denver and back, but it definitely was worth it. It was also quite an experience getting there. Just outside of Creede at about 6:15 am, a large black bear jumped in front of my truck from the Rio Grande River side of the road, ran across the road, and just missed being hit as I screeched on the breaks! After crossing La Veta Pass to get to the front range, a deluge of rain created an immediate flash flood situation in downtown Pueblo and I was one of the last vehicles to get through the rising deep water on I-25 before they closed the Interstate in both directions.

In other words, I'll do anything to pick up Lok Tuff mats! (these are my third set)

Thanks again for your help! Sandy

Horse Stall Mats

We received the mats last Monday and installed them on Wednesday and Thursday. They were relatively easy to handle and fit like a glove. There is no question that they are well made. We got the instructions for each stall. All in all we are very happy with the mats and they look great in our stable. I expect Susan will want to get back to you as well so I will sign off with a thank you to you and your company for a job well done.

PS: we now have two of our horses in their stalls!

Sincerely, Tom Darlington

Trailer Mats

We did a trailer floor for a lady in Stillwater, MN. She has a very bad back and needed trailer mats that she could handle on her own. We constructed an interlocking trailer floor with pieces that were light enough for her to be able to install and handle when removing for cleaning.  She also needed them in time to be able to attend a show this weekend.

She was very excited when I called her to let her know they had shipped and again when she needed to know which was the top and bottom.  

She asked that I extend a big “THANK YOU” to all of you who made it possible for her to get exactly what she needed within the time frame she requested. She is on her way, with her horses in tow, to the show this weekend.

A big “Thank You” from me as well! What a great team! You all make my job so easy! I know that I make a lot of special requests. It’s nice to know that we all share the same customer service skills it takes to meet our customers needs.

Horse Stall Mats

I want to thank you again for your response to my email which arrived so quickly. You have helped us so much in a huge way to make sure that the next critical stage of my horses healing will be in the most ideal stall. I will certainly recommend your company to anyone who asks us where we got our mats from. From the bottom of my heart thank you. May God continue to bless your company and yourself.

Sincerely, Beverly Mitchell Ivanhoe, NC

Custom Stall Mats

Mats are working out fine. Had some problems with cutting around the posts, but the mats were unloaded just fine. They are heavy, hurricane Dennis may take the barn but the mats should still be there.

Andy Williams, Mobile AL

Custom mats around MRI machine / Equine Medical & Surgical

Mats are working wonderfully and may want to add more mats. They fit perfectly.

Horse Stall Mats (Humane dealer)

Excellent company to work with. They answered the phone, were polite and helpful, friendly. Very refreshing. Product arrived on time and I was able to carry each of the 4x6's downhill and pop them together myself (I am a 110 little ol' gal) within the two hours left before my foals were delivered! The pieces were the same beautiful color as on the advertisement, and that was a big sales point for me, as well as the light manageable weight. Thanks for the referral, I couldn't be happier. My animals are happy, including my big male lassie dog, who has chosen to sleep in there too! Must be comfy.

Stall mats (Humane dealer)

KUDO’S from Fred Stickley! He said the mats for Terry Bradshaw’s new horse barn went great. They had the mats before they were really ready for them but Fred installed them and everything went in nicely. He said it was perfect, couldn’t have been better.




Supreme Comfort Pads

"We purchased the "Supreme Comfort Pads" from you last spring and are thoroughly pleased with this product. Our cows are milking about 20% more, we don't have any sore, banged up legs. The cows are very clean and our somatic cell count is consistently under 120,000. Your product is the best investment we've made in a long time. Our cows are very comfortable and they're lying down, eating, or in heat. Thank you so much for your great product - My girls send their thank you too!"

Sincerely, Cindy Jones and Girls

Jones Brothers Farms, Minnesota


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Humane uses Clean Green Rubber Stall Mats. The purpose of Clean Green is that it addresses complications from exposure as well as damage to the environment from companies that use or manufacture products that contribute to allergic sensitivities, reduced immunity, and contribution to cancer and other diseases.