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Humane Manufacturing has been serving its customers for over 100 years and has been a leader in the recycled rubber flooring industry for over 40 of those years.  We take pride in the great value our superior mats offer.

Utilizing our "Humane Advantage" process of re-vulcanizing recycled rubber, we create a solution to many of the problems our customers encounter.  This process helps us manufacture a stronger mat which holds up to the harshest conditions and rigors of everyday life.

Our process also offers specific advantages like our built in EasyPath beveled transitions and the TreadSafe traction control system.  When paired with LokTuff, the first interlocking system, it allows for easier installations, safer conditions and more options to choose from.


The "Humane Advantage"

-Due to it's Non-Porous properties derived from the advantage process, our mats will not harbor or promote bacterial growth and are non absorbent.

-A mitigating agent is added during the process to all Fitness and Industrial mats in order to significantly reduce any rubber odors.  We also do not use Poly-Urethane in our process, which means there are no toxic fumes in case of fire.

-Our mats have been rated at 800-1000 PSI tensile (tear) strength.  This means they are 2-4 times stronger than most other tiles and all rolled rubber products. (ASTM 412)

-The "Humane Advantage" process also causes our mats to maintain a soft and comfortable feel, which allows for less stress on animals and people. (63 Duometer reading)

-The "Humane Advantage" also assures that all Humane mats are made of 99.5% recycled material and 100% American Made.




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