Humane Manufacturing Company LLC is a privately held company founded in 1907 with corporate headquarters and multiple manufacturing centers all in the USA. Humane is a leader in the innovation of the rubber floor mat industry and has adopted concepts such as the interlocking system for flooring (Loktuff™) and excessive duress mat systems and duress locking systems (Big Lok™).

Because we are part of a privately held American Holding company, we have the resources to handle any project large or small and have the financial stability and investment resources to keep abreast with the industry challenges. You can count on Humane to provide quality rubber products with the service and value you expect.

Since 1972, Humane has been a leading national brand recognized by the fitness, equine, dairy, and industrial markets as one of the highest quality products in the world. Our products can be found in such prestigious locations as Trump Towers, Disney World, Rockefeller Center, Busch Gardens, Sea World, 24 Hour Fitness locations, and countless major universities, horse parks and major farms.

Providing The Footing For Your Success

  • All of our recycled rubber mats and rubber floor products are made using only rubber buffing material which is free of metal and other foreign objects that are often associated with recycled tire products. Clean, Green, Recycled.
  • The buffing material is re-vulcanized, as opposed to being urethane bound. We offer high value for tensile strength as well as tear and abrasion resistance
  • Unlike urethane bound flooring, ours will not cold flow (lose or change shape under pressure)
  • Humane recycled rubber mats and flooring are totally non-absorbent
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent is added during the manufacturing process so the rubber mats will not harbor or grow bacteria
  • Guaranteed not to curl or buckle

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Come visit Humane at the IHRSA 2019 Fitness Event - March 13-16th in San Diego, CA.

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Come visit us at the IHRSA show - March 21-24th in San Diego, CA.

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Visit us at booth 3711 in Orland at the IHRSA show this year